Public Defender
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As licensed attorneys to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania, in either the private or public sector, we have dedicated either our entire legal practice or a portion of our legal practice to representing clients charged with cirminal offenses, who would not normally be able to afford the assistance of trained and qualified legal counsel. With our years of combined legal experience, we handle criminal charges ranging from summary offenses to felony murder.

Additionally, we assist adults and juveniles who are being involuntarily detained in a mental health facility, and those who face potential jail for alleged violations of domestic support and protection from abuse orders.

We have sworn to and are dedicated to protecting the legal rights of our clients by vigorously presenting their case and assuring our clients' Pennsylvania and United State Constitutional Rights are not violated.

We are our clients' voice. We protect and defend each individual client to preserve the inalienable rights that we, as human beings, possess.



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