Court Administration
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The office of the Court Administrator expedites the administrative functions of the court under the direction of the President Judge. The office of the Court Administrator acts as the managerial arm of the court, and by doing so, increases the time that the Judges can spend in adjudication.

The office of the Court Administrator is primarily accountable for the direction of the day-to-day operations of the court.The basic functions include case flow management, personnel management, jury management, preparation and management of the annual Court budget, information management, space management, providing supplies for Court operations, management of the Magisterial District Justices, community relations, and public information.

Another major responsibility of the Court Administrator is the management of the court’s calendar. This involves scheduling and coordinating all hearings, arguments, jury trials, non-jury trials, master hearings, arbitrations, preliminary injunctions, protection from abuse, divorce matters, and orphans court matters. The Court Administrator also receives and monitors civil and criminal motions, petitions, stipulations, and continuance applications.

The Court Administrator oversees the following departments, the Judges Chambers’, Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, Domestic Relations and the Court Computer Information Systems office.

A close working, cooperative relationship exists between the Court Administrator and the Court-related offices which are Children and Youth, Prothonotary’s office, Register of Wills and the Clerk of Courts/Bureau of Collections.

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