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Drug Treatment Court Program

What is Drug Treatment Court?

The Carbon County Drug Treatment Court (DTC) was started in January 2019 to address the growing number of substance addicted/abusing people involved in the criminal justice system. This DTC represents a collaborative effort between the Court of Common Pleas of the 56th Judicial District, the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the County Commissioners, the Carbon County Correctional Facility, the County Adult Probation Office, the Carbon-Monroe-Pike Drug and Alcohol, the Carbon-Monroe-Pike Mental Health and Developmental Services and PA CareerLink.

The DTC, through a coordinated response from all those involved, promotes sobriety, recovery, and sensitivity with a goal towards giving each participant the opportunity and the best possible chance of getting back on track as a healthy and productive member of society.

The mission statement of the DTC is to identify and provide specific interventions for Carbon County criminal justice involved substance addicted/abusing persons in such a way to promote public safety, and reduce recidivism while improving the lives of the participants, their families, and our community.

The motto of the DTC is “Making Recovery a Reality”

Traditional Court Characteristics versus Veterans Treatment Court Characteristics

The Court Team consists of a judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, etc. DTC Team is used to achieve goals to support treatment interventions.
Adversarial Non-Adversarial  
Goal is to process the case; apply the law. Goal is to restore the participant as a productive, non-criminal member of society.
Judge exercises limited role in supervision
of the defendant.
The Treatment Team will play a central role in monitoring the participant’s progress in treatment.
Interventions for substance abuse at the discretion of the judge. Formalized and structured treatment interventions for each participant.
Relapse may lead to a maximum sentence. Incentives used to reinforce positive adjustment and Sanctions used in response to violations of the Drug  Treatment Court program.
Drug Treatment Court Application
DTC Policies and Procedures
DTC Participant Handbook

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