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The vision of the Department is to build a stronger and safer community.

The mission of the Department is to partner with the community in providing evidenced-based and appropriate supervision that enhances public safety by holding offenders accountable while providing them with the tools to make positive change and become productive members of society.

The Department values the following beliefs:

Presentence Investigations: When requested by the Court, the Department prepares a report that is biographical in nature. It covers such areas as prior criminal record, family history, educational and employment history, as well as prior treatment history for any type of addiction or illness. The report also includes recommendations for appropriate sentencing. The Court uses the Presentence Investigation Report as a tool in determining the appropriate sentence for that offender.

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program: This program is only available to defendants recommended by the District Attorney. The department supervises all offenders placed in this program. This program is designed to divert first-time DUI or minor offense offenders from having a criminal conviction. Upon successful completion, the program allows for the dismissal of criminal charges and the expungement of their criminal record.

Community Supervision: The Department has geographically assigned Officers who provide general supervision services to offenders who reside in Carbon County. General supervision requires the officer to meet and counsel offenders in a variety of settings, which include the Adult Probation Office, the offender’s home and various community settings. As part of the supervision, the officer assesses the offender risk and needs, determines the level of supervision and recommends placement in the appropriate programs and/or services when deemed necessary. In the event an offender violates any condition of supervision, the officer will file a petition to revoke the sentence.

In order to accomplish the department’s goals, the officers also conduct unannounced field visits to offenders’ homes in the evening and over the weekend. The department designed this supervision strategy to provide better safety and protection for the community; to increase enforcement of Court conditions, and to limit time offenders miss work. Offenders are also required to submit to random drug screens when requested by the assigned officer.

Probation with Restrictive Conditions (formerly known as Intermediate Punishment): The department is currently responsible for the supervision of those offenders sentenced to Probation with Restrictive Conditions. This program is partially funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). This program includes house arrest, home electronic monitoring, intensive supervision and residential inpatient treatment. These sentencing options are designed as an alternative to imprisonment and provide sentencing alternatives to the Court. These sentencing alternatives provide a cost effective approach in the delivery of community correction services and promote offender accountability through stricter sanctions, education, treatment and counseling.

Pretrial Services: The department re-instituted its pretrial program due to being awarded a grant through PCCD. The program provides the Courts with accurate information concerning defendants in the Carbon County Correctional Facility to assist the Court in determining an appropriate bail amount and conditions. The department also provides supervision of those placed on pretrial supervision. The officers can help offenders navigate to treatment, counseling and other community services.

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